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Covenant Transport and Domestic Violence

I MUST Apologize ...

Before I do, let me be Clear, Covenant Transport has a potentially Violent Driver out in the field.

I apologize for making the previous version of this website about getting duped for almost five thousand dollars by this guy when the real issue is about battery on a disabled person. 


I was/am upset that I was taken for that much money and I lashed out pretty hard with a position against Covenant Transport that was too strong and too broad. Again, I shouldn't have come down so hard on Covenant before getting a response from them. Instead I just want to provide a heads up as to what you could possibly expect when Tim claps his forehead proclaiming, "I don't understand", particularly when he becomes frustrated or when confronted after he fucks up.

I provide specific details of the three times he physically attacked me (drawing blood each time) on the 'Abuse/Violence Details ' page in the menu above.  Again, my apologies for my previous outburst.