Your browser version is outdated. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. has created this website to provide information about the guy pictured above, his treatment and abuse of those that helped and provided for him when he was injured and unemployed.

 The relationship.  You will see April, Tim and Matt Madden in the narrative below. They have the same parents but we all have the same Mother.  And as close as April and Matt are to Tim, they won't lie for him and can/will corroborate these facts. 

He lived with me in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee when ...
The FIRST time I was assaulted by Tim Madden. I was in the kitchen of the mobile home we shared and putting ear drops in my service dog's ears. Just a point of interest here ... My service dog's name was Aztec2Step.  That's where he got the name of his Facebook blog , Chasing Aztec2Step .  Anyway Tim became furious and from the living room, grabbed the counter top and flipped it on to me and Azzie, cutting my head and leaving a few bruises.  He did this, he said, because Azzie might shake his head and get ear juice all over the kitchen.

The SECOND time I was assaulted by Tim MaddenWe were still living in the trailer in Mt Juliet and he had a shit burner phone with limited service area, so I got him a phone and added him to my AT&T contract. Then one month our phones got cut off because of a missed payment. I live on disability and could not afford to pay his share of the phone bill so I made arrangements to have my phone service restored, but not Tim's.  Again, he became furious and demanded that I call AT&T and have his service restored as well. When I refused, he took the phone I bought for him and threw it at me hitting me in the head and cutting my head a little worse than when he dumped the counter top on me and Azzie. I told him I was calling the police and he started crying and said he was sorry. I called April and Matt.  They too asked me not to call the police because, "well, you know Tim, that's how he gets."
Shortly after that he moved out and smashed the window out in the back door because I locked him out while he was raging, that time he cut HIS hand ... but he didn't get in the house.

He lived with me again in Hermitage, Tennessee because …

While working for Amalgamated Building Services or ABS in Nashville, he defied the owner's (his brother Matt Madden) safety directive and fell off of a building causing a compound fracture to his leg.  I did not step forward to offer my place ... my sister April Treen, whom I would kill for, and my brother Matt Madden, whom I have great respect for, asked if I would allow Tim to convalesce in my spare bedroom when he got out of the hospital. They told me his only other choice was a homeless shelter as he had already been evicted from Matt's house because he couldn't get along with Matt's wife and April wasn’t going to have him at her place even though his care could have been transferred to Oak Ridge where she lives.

Correction:  Matt told me Tim was NOT evicted but left on his own after getting into an argument with his wife Cynthia.  He also corrected me saying the reason he wouldn't let his brother Tim convalesce at his house is because there are steps in his house and  he had a teenage daughter still living at home.

 For sixteen months, he stayed here and I paid his rent. From his workers compensation check, he was to pay me the bump in my electric bill because of his staying here.  All was fine for the most part. He was moody a lot, which was understandable considering what they had to do to put his leg back together. Because I myself have been on disability for some years I had the flexibility to drive him around to cash his check at the Payday loan place and to the grocery store, pick him up for physical therapy and such .. but anyway, he wound up living with me again.

 One day he was in a pissy mood and out of cigarettes. Because he was pissy I didn't want to go the store and buy him some. but I did give him a pack of mine because I had a carton. Not his brand, so he rejected them  by smashing the brand new pack of cigarettes.

I was concerned and called Matt to tell him Tim was flipping out. Matt came over and couldn't talk sense to him and wound up calling the police to intervene.  The police couldn't talk sense to him so they had him transported to the hospital for observation. He walked out of the hospital and had a former co-worker come pick him up. A couple of days later Matt called and asked me to let him come back and that Tim said he was sorry and AGAIN I let this guy back in my house.

When he got close to getting his wc settlement he stopped paying his part of the electric bill.  Being the passive aggressive type, I cut the power to his side of the house and pushed one of my clothes dryers in front of his door to hinder him from using the rest of the house.

The THIRD time I was assaulted by Tim Madden.  He, of course, flipped out and flipped the dryer on it’s top destroying the control panel on the top, he then slid the dryer into the bathroom door, where I was hiding, with enough force to break the door, and my toe and removing  my toenail. It didn't hurt because of the severe neuropathy from past cancer treatments.  None the less that turned out ok as I had a fungus in that toenail and now that he new nail is almost grown out the nail looks to be fungus free.  While I can't afford to replace the bathroom door, it still closes enough that my daughters and their kids can shower and use the 'facilities', so ...

He then move out and leaving his furniture and stuff in the bedroom and his junked car in my  yard then started ranting via text message about how I had ruined his life and should have died when I had cancer.
I may post some of those text message in another segment called "The stuff Tim will say when he gets angry"

Anyway, the guy is irresponsible and unpredictable when frustrated or angered.  Everyone should know.

I will be amending this page to with more information about Tim and his character as he has rolled over those that helped him out and literally supported him when he could not.