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The Covenant Response

 April 20:  
Called Covenant Transport and left a message because they were closed.  Will call them back tomorrow for their response.  I have to admit, I'm a little nervous for them, because if they call him in ... he's driving one of their new trucks.

 April 21:  
I called Covenant Transport again today and was able to speak with Andy Vanzant, the VP of Operations for Covenant Transport.   Andy told me that Covenant Transport's official position was that they have no position.

Now to be clear, my beef is with Timothy Ashley Madden and his ability to think the physical and fiscal abuse of an elderly disabled person is ok.  My goal here is simple, not unlike other abused people you see in today's news cycles, I want to expose a history of behavior by this guy that might persuade Covenant Transport to choose to end their relationship with such a person.  Given the choice of ignoring it by taking no position or cutting ties to avoid the controversy of being related to this guy in any way, I hoped Covenant Transport would have chosen the later if there was even a credible hint that a guy with this type of controversy surrounding him was out in public and driving one of their very expensive new tractors.

Now it may seem a little out of context but my hope that they would choose to end their relationship with Tim Madden was based on my understanding of some of the things I read in their "CTG Culture Statement" on the Covenant Transport web site, excerpts like the Founder's quote where he provides some personal values ...
"Thirty years ago my wife, Jacqueline and I founded this company based on Christian beliefs and values. I have never sought to push my personal religious beliefs on any employee but hope we can all agree that a sound value system is a good way to live. I promise you I am committed to making sure these values are known and practiced throughout the CTG organization and we will hold each other accountable.” - David R. Parker, Founder and CEO

then in reading elsewhere in their "CTG Culture Statement" I see this:  "It’s those certain core values that the founding owners, executive management and the Board of Directors are committed to preserving as part of the DNA of our organization. Those include:

  1. Treating others the same way that you want to be treated
  2. Putting others before yourself
  3. Acting with integrity, honesty and fairness in all of your business dealings, both with customers, vendors and your fellow employees.

Our desire is for all employees to be aware of the importance of these values"

again, as this may be taken a little out of context in that only work related behavior is specifically mentioned, I would have hoped the "DNA" part might include an associates personal character and potential behaviors.

I can't be clear enough here, I have no desire to  disparage Covenant Transport or any other company for that matter. I would take exception with any  company that chose to associate themselves with Tim.

The only way I could see this becoming an issue directly with Covenant Transport is if they were to try to censor or squash me while 'taking no position' as they apparently are capable of doing.

This became a concern to me as I was posting the banner from this web site to various Facebook pages and I stumbled on this posting on the group page titled: Drivers For Covenant Transport (Not An Official Company Page).  I will quote them here for those that don't have a Facebook account and in case you have trouble reading the actual Screen Capture at the end of this commentary.  It starts off with a user making the comment:

"Why is Covenant scared to let drivers speak there mind here.  I have a friends that drive for them that either have been asked or know someone to remove there post I thought you all should know that this is happening. Censorship is wrong." ...

... causing another user to respond and tag 5 or 6 others by name with. "look familiar? :) :) you're only a cool kid if you have received this message. Hero if you got it more than once." followed by two devil face emojis." ...

Another user seems to try and assure group members by posting, "People are free to post things on here. Just no vulgar language or try to sell online shopping stuff."

which prompts the response,  "They are free until Covent (sic ) ask (tell) them to remove the post."

then another assurance comes when R.S. says, "covenant my ask or tell but there is truly bothing (sic) they can do."  

followed by S.H. posting, "Oh.. R.S, there is a lot they can do, and they do it.. trust me. .." .

and M.D. seems to let the users know exactly what Covenant Transport might do by stating, "That is what I mean they tell them to and if they don't thy all of a sudden don't have a load or all of a sudden they don't get as many miles that is called punishment."

I need to repeat again that this campaign, this web site, is NOT intended to disparage anyone other than Tim Madden and I have no issues with Covenant Transport or any of their officers, save for my objection that they allow such a character to work for them. Otherwise, how they conduct their business and employee relations is just that, their business.

With that said, and it was Andy Vanzant, VP of Operations for Covenant Transport that told me Covenant Transport's position is that they have no position.  Reading the Facebook thread made me wonder a little bit if I should be concerned about Covenant Transport possibly 'coming after' me, especially when I saw that Andy (presumably Andy Vanzant, VP of Operations for Covenant Transport) was called out by name on at least two occasions for asking (telling?) drivers to remove objectionable postings. (highlighted in the screen captures below).  Still, I have no issue with Andy Vanzant, but ... just sayin'.

At one point K.S. writes "Hmmm, I remember getting text to my phone from Andy asking me to take post down, lol" and later D.K. writing, "Just so you all know I was asked to remove a post to (sic) by andy..."

So now I know that Covenant Transport DOES sometimes take a position in an employee's social life, and if you believe a couple of the comments above, will impose sanctions for undesirable behavior, even as they troll or stalk their employees on a (Not An Official Company Page).  Anyway ...                 

It is about here in the thread/discussion that I splash the thread with the banner from this web site which elicited  a warning from M.B. against making false claims about Covenant Transport, a multi-million dollar company.

I told M.B. that I made no false claims against Covenant Transport and that I don't think my using a picture of one of their trucks in the context of this article is a copyright infringement.

Then, then, as if it was in any way relevant to my truth when pointing out Tim's behavior, R.S. thought he would discredit me by 'outing me' as being on the sex offender registry and posting my SOR picture and intimating that Tim's violent behavior was ok because I was on the SOR.

When R.S. did that he accomplished two things. He made my point about notifying the public about potential dangers around them, and he brought sex offenses into the conversation.

So now we have this site, which mentions Covenant Transport enough times, linked to the Covenant Transport site and then linked to social media with talk of censorship, violence and sexual abuse ... with back links to this web site, that it might start to show up with other internet searches for Covenant Transport.  And while I'm sure this won't as quickly become an issue like say, the Bill O'Reilly controversy over at FOX News,  Maybe, just maybe some customers or potential customers will see this and might reconsider their options so that they too can just avoid being associated with any negative controversy. 

When that happens, and it will, I would hope that Covenant Transport might modify their 'no position' position and just 'cut bait' with the controversial, abusive and potentially violent Timothy Ashley Madden ... Like the FOX network or the Food Network or a pro sports team might do to distance themselves from similarly socially controversial employees.

Until then, my campaign continues ...

Covenant Transport censors drivers?Covenant Transport censors drivers?